Which is better – moving or improving?

In today’s economy the question on whether to move to a new home or improve the current one is often asked by uncertain owners. Unfortunately this question is never an easy one to answer. Both options for this difficult decision can be expensive, and when you choose wrong, it can have lasting effects on your financial standing.

If you are a home owner looking to increase property value through improvements then you need to realize that improvements can actually have adverse effects on the total value. There are many various improvements that can be perceived as positive features towards the overall property value, but in reality they actually detract from it. Many of these changes involve extreme alterations that either don’t go with the original house style, or don’t really fit anyone else’s personal style.

Other improvements that owners may think will increase value are complete reinstallations of certain features. For example, if you spend several grand redoing the entire kitchen then what do you have at the end of it all? A shiny new kitchen as opposed to a normal one? Unfortunately the ten grand you spent on the new kitchen will probably have very little to no effect on the overall price of the home.

So what do you do? Well, in the current real estate market the best approach to take is to consider a house as simple a place to hang your hat as opposed to a quality investment opportunity. This being said, you should also carefully consider the impacts any home improvements will have. Deviating from the norm will often detract from the value while performing extensive improvements will likely not pay for themselves in the overall value of the house.

For a better idea on how specific improvements will affect your home’s value, consider the houses nearby. Have they done recent improvements similar to the ones you are considering? How much did they sell for? These crucial questions will help you better understand the effects of improvements and may even lead you to starting on a new improvement project.

If you decide against improving your current home and are considering moving to a new location then choosing a quality house is vital. Some properties sell for incredibly cheap prices, but this is often because they need extensive work. If a property needs tons of work you should consider what you will pay total (initial home value plus the cost of renovations) and compare that to simply buying a house that doesn’t need any improvements at all. Some owners simply do not want to deal with the hassle of renovating and you can often find great deals on properties that need some TLC.

Whether you are improving your current home or buying a new one, your decision carries a significant weight that will drastically impact your future. Analyzing your current house with potential renovation costs and comparing that to moving into a new house is essential. Proper planning and thorough research will inevitably reveal a financially wise path for you to take.

Picking an insulation company that’s perfect for your home

Owning your own home is a luxury many people can’t afford due to their expensive price tag. For people who do own their own homes, they need to ensure that it is properly maintained with regular upkeep. A well cared for home will save off other incidental repair costs and can save the owner a significant amount of money. One important upkeep task for home owners is their home’s insulation. Insulation not only keeps your home warm on those cold winter nights, but it also helps regulate the temperature throughout the rest of the year.

Your home should be a comfortable retreat that you can relax in however if you lack proper insulation then your home will not only be miserably off temperature, but it will also increase heating and air bills significantly. Unfortunately insulating your home is not a do it yourself project. Not only is it difficult and time consuming, but there are specific techniques that only professionals know. This is why it is imperative that you hire the right insulation company for your home.

When looking for a professional insulation company it is important to note that these professionals likely know all of the ins and outs for insulating homes. Additionally many companies provide insulation for both residential properties and commercial properties; however you should verify that the companies you are considering do indeed perform residential insulating.

As you narrow down your company choices you need to further consider the techniques the professionals utilize to insulate homes. Various insulating techniques include: cavity wall, attic, loft, solid wall, fiber glass, and spray foam insulation. Thoroughly researching the various techniques will give you a better understanding of which one will be the most effective one for your home. Additionally you should consider your ventilation options.
Insulation and ventilation go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining a proper temperature for your home. When an insulation company professional assesses your home you need to inquire about the ventilation as both insulation and ventilation work together in reducing your overall energy bills. Neglecting the ventilation will negate many of the positive effects your home would receive from your new insulation.

Now that you are aware of all of the key elements involved in insulating your home, you can begin to further narrow down your company selection. On top of techniques and ventilation options, you need to consider the reputation of the company. A poor reputation reflects their overall work ethics and you should definitely stray away from ill reviewed companies.

Next you need to seriously consider the price. Going with the cheapest company may not always be the wisest decision; however you never want to ignore a carefully set budget. Finding a company with a long standing work history and reasonable prices is the key.

Maintaining your home with proper insulation is crucial which is why a professional is needed. Finding the right company for the job simply takes a bit of patience and research however it will all pay off in the end when you are enjoying your cozy home and lowered energy bills.

Easy Home Improvement Ideas

Your house is more than a simple house, it is a home. Every night you sleep in it and every day you walk through its halls as you go about your business. It is a place to have fun, to enjoy with company, and to relax after a hard day’s work. Making the most out of your home is something that every owner should strive for. Small home improvement projects not only add functionality, but they can also add value onto the property.

Here are a few simple improvement projects that any homeowner can do:

Frist, try installing a wall mount for your mops and brooms. Not only does letting your broom rest on the floor damage the bristles, but when mops are set down they can develop mildew and begin to stink. A wall mount will save you a bit of space in your closet while also allowing your mop to air dry properly after each use. You can purchase a wall mount or even create your own, however a bought wall mount can often be hung without screws which will save your wall from unnecessary damage.

Another great idea is to hide your air conditioning unit. For many houses, air conditioning is a must have, but the units are eye sores that are incredibly hard to miss. If you want to conceal yours from view then you can either plant some bushes or tall flowers around it, conceal it with a trellis, or even use a bamboo stand. Whichever method you use, your lawn will look much more appealing without an unsightly air conditioner visible.

Do you have ceiling fans? If so then you are probably familiar with that annoying buzzing noise they make when they are on. This noise is created because they are imbalanced – something that is a very easy fix. To make your fan a silent spinning machine grab your screw driver and tighten the screws holding the blades in place. If that doesn’t work then tighten the rest of the screws around the motor and the base of the fan. Once you’re done you can even clean off the dust that’s been collecting up there as well.

Next small improvement you can make is very simple. Just walk around the outside of your house and inspect the foundation. You need to be sure that the soil is very compact and is slightly higher as this ensures water doesn’t build up and seep through. If you find any low spots simply gather dirt from another area and pack it down tightly. This step will also help prevent thousands of dollars in damage from water seeping into your home.

Lastly, add a splash of color! This is a great tip that is fun and will breathe new life into a previously dull area. Be careful with the colors you choose because you may need to repaint over a dark color if you decide to sell the home later in the future.

These small improvement ideas are cost effective and can significantly improve the appeal to buyers later on. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference later on.